Dealing With Ptsd After A Traumatic Accident

Dealing With Ptsd After A Traumatic Accident

The devastating effects of an accident are not always limited to physical injuries. Sometimes, an accident victim can suffer from emotional trauma that leads to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For example, many car accident victims find that the emotional and mental damage of being involved in a violent collision lingers long after their physical injuries have healed. This anxiety should not be taken lightly because it can make your life very difficult. Even if you were unharmed in an accident but witnessed a loved one suffer catastrophic injuries, you may struggle to move on with your life in the weeks and months that follow the accident.

Anyone who has been injured in a car accident, construction accident, or slip and fall accident, as well as anyone who has been violently assaulted, may be looking at extensive medical treatment for their injuries. The physical recovery process can take a long time and involve multiple surgeries, medical evaluations, and rehabilitation.

In addition to requiring both short-term and long-term medical treatment for their accident-related injuries, a traumatic accident victim may also need help from mental health experts in order to get back on their feet and return to their normal life. All of this can be very expensive, which is why it is important for Alabama accident victims to have a skilled personal injury attorney on their side throughout the legal process.

PTSD is very real and affects millions of Americans. If you are suffering from PTSD in the aftermath of a serious auto accident, you may struggle to deal with anxiety, mood swings, memory difficulties, trouble sleeping, constant fatigue, and severe depression. PTSD can also exacerbate your physical injuries and cause chronic pain.

The most effective way to manage PTSD is to seek treatment from a qualified mental health expert. The reality is that your PTSD is unlikely to go away without proper treatment, so you should not delay in getting evaluated.


If you are suffering from PTSD, or any emotional injury, after being involved in a serious accident, you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Salter & Ferguson are prepared to assist you. Contact us anytime to schedule a free consultation.