When A Product You Own Has Been Recalled

When A Product You Own Has Been Recalled

You expect the products you buy at the store to be safe for use. You certainly don’t expect to suffer a serious physical injury as a result of using a defective consumer product. However, the reality is that far too many companies put profits ahead of the safety of consumers, which can lead to dangerous products being placed on store shelves. In the worst cases, a defective product can lead to catastrophic injury or even death.

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In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile instances of dangerous consumer products resulting in serious injuries. Many times, the companies wind up recalling the defective items – but only after several people have been injured or even killed. That’s because some unscrupulous businesses use a calculus to determine whether a product recall makes financial sense. The best way to hold these businesses accountable for their negligence, as well as the best way to ensure that no one else suffers a serious injury due to use of the defective product, is to speak with an attorney and explore the possibility of filing a product liability claim against the product manufacturer or distributor.

Product Recalls In Alabama And Elsewhere In The U.S.

You may be wondering what to do when a product that you own has been recalled. The first thing you need to do is stop using the recalled product. Once the product has been taken off shelves, either voluntarily by the company or in accordance with a mandatory recall issued by the federal government, the manufacturer may be shielded from liability if a consumer continues to use the product. So do not continue to use the product or consume the food item that has been recalled.

Depending on the circumstances of the recall, you may be able to return the item to the store for a full refund. For information about an official recall, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website. The CPSC investigates consumer complaints and oversees mandatory product recalls of dangerous items.