Learn More About Elevator Accidents

Learn More About Elevator Accidents

It’s very possible that you and your loved ones use elevators every day. Perhaps you live in an apartment complex or work in a high-rise building, which means that you have to use an elevator many times. You trust that these elevators will work properly, with the doors opening and allowing you to exit the elevator car. Unfortunately, elevator rides are not always safe and elevators can break down. Moreover, these elevator breakdowns and mishaps can be deadly, with more than 20 people dying every year as a result of elevator accidents.

Maintenance workers are at particular risk of being injured, or killed, in an elevator accident. For example, if the elevator moves down unexpectedly while the worker is making repairs, the victims can potentially be crushed.

Passengers Injured Or Killed In Elevator Accidents

Although passengers on elevators are not often killed in elevator accidents because they are not exposed to the same hazards as the individuals who perform work on elevators, elevator passengers can still suffer catastrophic injuries. When an elevator comes to a sudden stop and the passenger is jerked to the ground, they might sustain significant injuries such as muscle strains, broken bones, spinal cord damage, and head trauma.

Additionally, elevator passengers can die if something goes terribly wrong. For instance, a person who doesn’t look before stepping into an elevator car may find that they are walking into an empty elevator shaft. Other potentially deadly elevator accidents can involve a piece of clothing getting stuck in an elevator door, a passenger being crushed while attempting to climb out of an elevator that has come to a stop, elevator doors closing too quickly on a person, and building fires that endanger elevator passengers and expose them to risk of burns and smoke inhalation.

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