The Dangers Of Bedsores

The Dangers Of Bedsores

You expect your loved ones to be properly treated and cared for when they are in a nursing home. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes are run with the best intentions because operators place profits ahead of the well-being of residents. For instance, some Alabama nursing homes have been found to be severely understaffed, which means that residents don’t always receive the best medical care. One of the most serious consequences of nursing home neglect and mistreatment can be a bedsore injury, also known as a pressure ulcer or a decubitus ulcer.

According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of Americans suffer from pressure ulcers. Many of these victims are nursing home residents who have been neglected or abused by nursing home staff. It is important to keep in mind that bedsores are entirely avoidable – so long as the nursing home employees are adequately trained and do their jobs.

Serious Health Risks Posed By Bedsores

Your loved one could suffer a bedsore on an area of their skin when they remain in the same position in bed for an extended period of time. As that area of the body sustains constant pressure, it can become vulnerable. A bedsore injury is particularly likely when the victim is elderly and is not able to move around very easily.

The only way to manage a bedsore is to first know that the patient is suffering from the injury. That’s why nursing home staff members are expected to remain attentive and keep a close eye on patients who may be at the greatest risk of skin irritation or related conditions. Quick diagnosis could be critical in order to avoid long-term damage to the patient. Failure to identify and treat a bedsore injury can lead to infections. In the worst cases, an untreated infection can result in sepsis (blood poisoning), cancer, and death.

If your loved one suffered a bedsore injury due to neglect or abuse by nursing home professionals, you should speak with a personal injury and nursing home abuse attorney immediately. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Salter & Ferguson are prepared to hold the nursing home accountable for their negligence. Contact us now to schedule a free initial consultation.