When Dog Bites Become Fatal

When Dog Bites Become Fatal

Dangerous dogs pose significant health risks to the people they attack. More than 4.5 million people in the US are bitten by dogs each year. In most cases, dog bite injuries do not prove fatal, with the victims merely requiring medical treatment and possibly hospitalization. However, in the worst cases, a dog attack can lead to permanent injuries and even death. That’s why it is extremely important for dog owners to take steps to control their animals and ensure that no one is needlessly injured or killed. This may include keeping the dog on a leash at all times or installing an electric fence in the yard of a home to keep the dog from attacking pedestrians.

The truth is that not all dogs are friendly. Some dogs are predatory by their very nature, which means that the people they come into contact with may be at risk of being viciously attacked. That’s why Alabama dog owners are required by law to maintain control of their pets and keep the animals from assaulting anyone.

Children Injured In Dog Attacks

Although anyone can be injured by an out-of-control dog, children are at heightened risk of injury because they are small and extremely vulnerable. Worse yet, some dogs may perceive a small kid as being an “easy target.” Even if the child does not provoke the dog in any way, the animal might still attack.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the majority of dog bite victims who end up needing medical attention for their injuries are minors. A small child may be unable to fight off a vicious dog that begins to attack. Beyond that, since certain areas of a child’s body are not fully developed, such as the head and neck areas, the young victim is more likely to be catastrophically injured in a dog attack.

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