What Is Road Rash?

What Is Road Rash?

Bicyclists and motorcyclists alike are prone to a various and sundry painful injuries as a result of even the most minor accidents. Among the many injuries, there is road rash. Road rash is an injury that occurs when skin scrapes the road, often from falling or being knocked off a bicycle or motorcycles, resulting in a gash or abrasion.

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How Road Rash Is Treated

Road rash can seem minor to many cyclists, especially those who have experienced it before. However, road rash should be treated quickly. Because of the contact that’s been made between skin and the brittle road, the wound often contains scattered dirt and debris which, if not cleaned carefully, could result in a serious, potentially life-threatening infection. Road rash is often treated by a medical professional who can clean the wound and will often prescribe or apply an antibacterial salve for lower the risk of infection. From there on, it is up to the victim to care for the wound, if possible, with the aid of instructions given to them by a medical professional.

How Road Rash Is Prevented

More often than not, a cyclist has already taken precautions to avoid or reduce the changes of a road rash injury, but wearing long-sleeved clothing, as well as safety padding, can lower the effect of impact. But despite best efforts, road rash can occur by simply tearing through garments and accessories, depending on the speed and severity of the accident.

Road rash accidents may seem minor, but their effects on a cyclist can be severe. A cyclist’s ability to get around can be reduced or eliminated, making transportation impossible if that’s the only way. Road rash injuries could also require extensive treatment, depending on the size and area affected. Worst of all is knowing that the road rash could have been avoided altogether in the first place.