Defective Hip Replacements

Defective Hip Replacements

Hip replacements are among the most sophisticated technological advancements in medicine. With each passing year, it seems companies are making hips replacement more advanced with higher quality, more seamless materials. But despite progress, many hip replacements can be defective. Worse still, it’s not uncommon to begin noticing that they’re defective until it’s too late.

Hip replacements come in a variety of build materials, including all metal, metal-on-plastic, all ceramic, and ceramic-on-metal. Some are more affordable than others are, as well as less intrusive. But the designs are not always perfect, and these components could have a variety of deficiencies that could cause a patient injury though a variety of different effects. Common side effects for defective hip replacements are:

  • Hip, leg, or groin pain
  • Reduce mobility
  • Limping
  • Swelling
  • Creaking or grinding sounds

While any hip replacement could cause complications, metal hip replacements have a variety of potential side effects on their own. Over time, a metal hip replacement could cause metal poisoning. According to studied from the FDA, side effects could include skin rashes to more severe biological conditions, such as depression, anxiety, kidney problems, thyroid issues and more.

Defective hip replacements have been an ongoing issue in recent years as various manufacturers have found themselves on the other side of a suit. Companies like Stryker Orthopedics and DePuy orthopedics (a division of Johnson & Johnson) have had various implant products recalled in the past. The complications from these defective hip replacements can not only be embarrassing, but they can also be extremely painful. A common way these hip replacements are “repaired” often requires another painful surgery.

Beyond the physical and social aspects, defective hip replacements can be financially devastating as a patient now has to reconcile with lost wages, expensive medications, and sometimes even surgical costs. Nobody should have to suffer as a result of a careless manufacturing error.

If you or a loved one has suffered the effects and complications of a defective hip, contact personal injury lawyers at Law Offices of Salter Ferguson today to schedule your case consultation. You may be eligible for compensation for medical costs and lost wages.