3 Tips For Preventing Golf Cart Injuries

3 Tips For Preventing Golf Cart Injuries

One of the most popular forms of transportation in gated communities, sporting events, and even airports, are golf carts. Not necessarily what they were designed for, they were made initially to deliver golfers and their gear during tournaments. With this extra use of transportation, it increases the risk of injury by a lot, and when misused, can be just as dangerous as a car. Here are three tips for being safe in and around golf carts.

One of the most important tips for being safe in a golf cart is to keep all body parts inside the golf cart. If the cart is in motion, it can be very dangerous to stay seated and inside the cart to make sure you do not fall out, or hit anything as you are driving by. Falling off a golf cart is one of the main ways people are injured while riding in golf carts, so keeping your body inside the cart will certainly reduce the risk of injury.

Another common form of injury while riding in a golf cart is by taking a turn, hill, or bump too quickly. Not slowing down when coming around a turn can actually launch the driver or passenger from the seat, leading to them either being run over by the cart, or landing somewhere else on the ground. By slowing down, it heavily reduces this risk.

The last tip to golf cart safety is to make sure to lock the brake before leaving the cart. By locking the brake, it nearly eliminates the possibility for the cart to roll free, which can be a huge problem if the cart is parked on a slope. Regardless of where it is parked, locking the brake highly reduces the chance of an accident.

Golf cart injuries should be taken just as seriously as a car accident. If you or a loved one has encountered a golf cart injury due to the negligence of another, consult an attorney at Salter Ferguson today.