Nerve Damage Resulting From Car Accidents

Nerve Damage Resulting From Car Accidents

Head on collisions, rear-end crashes, or sideswipe accidents are some of the vehicle accidents that result in nerve damage injuries. Doctors might overlook nerve damage but, even so, you shouldn’t ignore the problem. It’s always essential to see the doctor as soon as possible after a car accident. Even if you feel okay after a car wreck or a fender bender, nerve damage might not be apparent right away.

Nerves carry chemical messages to and from the brain and to other parts of your body. Nerve damage may affect the function of your brain and central nervous system. If a car accident causes a nerve damage injury, it may affect how your brain, fingers, chest, toes, arms, and legs function. Nerve damage may include damage to the body’s digital nerves, spinal nerves, and sensory nerves. Disabling, permanent injuries often result when damage to the spinal cord or brain occurs.

After A Vehicle Accident In Birmingham, Call Your Doctor About Any Of The Following Symptoms Of Nerve Damage, Such As:

• You have difficulty speaking
• You’re light-headed or dizzy
• You have difficulties with releasing or holding urine or bowel movements
• You experience a tingling in arms or legs
• Your limbs go numb or “fall asleep”
• You’re in pain
• You’ve lost muscle strength
• You’ve experienced paralysis

Your doctor will run appropriate tests to determine the extent of the nerve damage after a vehicle accident. There may be treatment options. If nerve damage is severe, such as in paralysis, treatment options will be limited. If you have moderate nerve damage, your doctor may prescribe pain medicines to make you more comfortable. Surgery or physical therapies and rehabilitation can help you to overcome the damage that occurred.

If you or someone close to you has suffered nerve damage after an auto accident, the negligent driver and his insurance company may be required to pay financial compensation to cover medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages and income, and pain and suffering. Contact our top-rated personal injury attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation.