Can Nuvaring Cause Brain Damage?

Can Nuvaring Cause Brain Damage?

NuvaRing isa form of hormonal birth control designed for individuals who wish to avoid the daily regimen of a pill or patch, but who also want a form of reversible birth control that provides the other health benefits of hormonal therapy. However, all forms of hormonal birth control come with risks, and NuvaRing is no different. The device has been linked to several cases of brain damage resulting from blood clot-related events, including heart attack and stroke.

An increased risk of blood clots is associated with a number of forms of hormonal birth control. Typically, doctors weigh these risks carefully against a patient’s particular medical history, including conditions that might increase the risk of a clot. These include an age over 35, obesity, smoking, and a history of heart conditions such as a heart murmur.

In some situations, however, blood clots may form even if a patient does not have elevated risk factors for them. When a clot breaks off and travels throughout the body, it can cause a wide range of health problems. A clot lodging in the brain may cause a stroke or aneurysm, resulting in brain damage.

A clot that lodges in the heart, causing a heart attack, or in the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism, can also cause brain damage by cutting off the flow of oxygen to the brain. When the brain receives inadequate oxygen, brain cells may start to die. The type and extent of brain damage depends upon which cells of the brain are affected and how severely they are damaged or destroyed.

If you’ve been injured by NuvaRing or another form of medication, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Alabama personal injury lawyer. Your attorney can help you determine what happened, seek compensation, and hold any negligent parties accountable for the harm you have suffered.