Higher Than Average Rate Of Fatal Car Accidents In Alabama

Higher Than Average Rate Of Fatal Car Accidents In Alabama

A recently-released study from the UA Center for Advanced Public Safety recently revealed that 2016 was an unusually deadly year on Alabama roads. Deaths from car accidents increased 25 percent over 2015, and the state’s overall fatality rate remains higher than the national average.

Researchers estimate that 1,058 people lost their lives on Alabama roads in 2016, topping last year’s total of 849 deaths. The analysis was based on state traffic accident data.

Although the number of deaths increased dramatically, the number of total car accidents on Alabama roads did not rise as sharply, researchers found. In 2016, a total of 152,532 accidents were recorded, an increase of only 2.1 percent over 2015’s total of 149,339.

If the total number of accidents aren’t increasing as quickly as the number of fatal accidents, why are Alabama crashes becoming more deadly?

Researchers estimate that several different factors may be in play, causing more serious and deadly accidents on Alabama roads. For instance, accident data reveals that speeding, failure to wear safety belts, and distracted drivers and pedestrian accidents are all on the rise. All of these factors were involved in a greater percentage of deadly accidents in 2016 than in previous years, indicating that they are contributing to the higher number of roadway deaths.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs also contributing to a large number of fatal accidents in Alabama in recent years, including 2016. When combined with speeding, intoxication is especially deadly. Researchers estimate that every increase of 10 miles per hour doubles the chance of a crash causing at least one death.

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