Distracted Driving: Is Technology The Problem Or The Solution?

Distracted Driving: Is Technology The Problem Or The Solution?

Too many people overestimate their ability to focus on the road and other distractions at the same time. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents, and millions of accidents are directly caused by cell phone use. Despite nationwide campaigns against texting and driving, drivers continue to think they can take their eyes off the road to send a quick text. Such risky behaviors directly put other drivers and pedestrians at risk. It’s unbelievable how many people will check their Facebook while at a red light or attempt to send a lengthy text message while driving down the highway.

Every Year, Hundreds Of People Are Seriously Injured Or Killed In Distracted Driving Accidents On Alabama Roads And Highways

While the widespread availability of smartphones has greatly increased the amount of distracted driving, many argue that more technology is the solution. Infotainment systems are becoming more popular in the newest vehicles. These systems have a tablet-like screen that works like a computer. They often include features like rear-facing cameras, hands-free calling and texting, and navigation. Proponents of these features argue that the technology limits distracted driving while still allowing drivers to make calls, listen to music and use internet-based GPS maps. Opponents, however, say this just adds to the problem. Having a screen that connects you to Facebook or reads text messages to you may prevent you from fully paying attention to the road.

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