Safety Tips For Bicyclists

Safety Tips For Bicyclists

According to the National Safety Council’s most up-to-date statistics, 488,000 cyclists were treated in emergency rooms in 2015. That number is staggering and is only a small glimpse into a world where bicyclists and motorists try to share the road. It is not an easy thing to do — share the road with motorists who sit in the safety of their vehicle as you try to avoid being struck on your bicycle that offers limited protection in the event of an accident. Injuries that stem from a collision between a motor vehicle and a bicyclist can be catastrophic and can alter your life for the long term. Remaining safe while on your bicycle should be a priority. The following safety tips can help you do just that while enjoying the road with motorists.

Safety Gear Can Make All The Difference

Half the battle of staying safe on the road while riding your bicycle is protective and reflective gear. Wearing clothes that are bright and stand out can make sure motorists are aware of your presence on the road. Making sure your bike is equipped with reflective accessories and working lights can also increase your visibility, especially when riding at night. It should also go without saying that a helmet is a crucial piece of protective equipment that should be worn at all times. This can help keep your head from suffering major brain damage should you end up in a collision and land head first on the pavement.

Another safety tip to remain safe is to always make sure your bicycle is in working order prior to riding. Check the tires and wheels, brakes, gears, lights and pedals, and if any are broken or not functioning properly you should avoid using the bicycle. Lastly, another sure way to remain safe is by obeying all traffic laws and lights, just like motorists. State laws dictate that cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists on the road. This means yielding to traffic when you are supposed to and also yielding to pedestrians when appropriate. In addition, utilizing hand signals for turning and stopping will go a long way in staying safe. These actions let motorists and others on the road know of your intentions. They can give you space, slow down or stay clear so as to avoid hitting you.

Alabama Lawyers Can Help With Your Accident

At the end of the day, doing your best to remain safe while riding your bicycle can only do so much. There are still many negligent motorists that do not seem to care for others on the road, and that is what makes it so dangerous. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident while riding your bicycle, you need an experienced lawyer in your corner. In Birmingham, the place to turn to is the Birmingham injury law firm of Salter Ferguson, LLC. They will advocate on your behalf and hold those responsible for you accident accountable for their actions. To begin discussing your case today, call 877-298-4878.

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