Car Accidents Alabama Without Insurance

Car Accidents Alabama Without Insurance

Alabama law necessitates that drivers carry a limited amount of driver’s insurance, but hundreds of drivers fail to comply with this requirement. Uninsured motorists can face serious consequences in the state of Alabama if they are involved in an accident and caught without any acceptable form of insurance.

Who Pays For Accident Injuries Without Driver’s Insurance In Alabama?

Alabama is a ‘fault’ state which means that each driver’s level of fault will affect the overall compensation award. If it is determined that you were illegally driving without insurance, then you could be held personally responsible for any losses. The victim can pursue compensation from you in a personal injury lawsuit, and it’s not unheard of for courts to order a wage garnishment against an at-fault driver who didn’t have insurance.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, then it’s likely the police will be called out to the scene. When it’s discovered you were driving without insurance, police have the discretion to charge you with a crime. It is a misdemeanor to drive without insurance in the state, so you may be subject to criminal punishments like having your license suspended, facing fines and potential imprisonment.

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When you’ve been in an accident in Alabama and it’s discovered you lack insurance, you may be facing significant financial burdens, criminal punishments and personal injury lawsuits. The car accident attorneys at Salter & Ferguson can help you determine what your legal options are. Don’t hesitate to contact our office and request a call back here.

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