Documents Court Car Accident Alabama

Documents Court Car Accident Alabama

Tragically, too many car accident victims come to court unprepared to definitively prove their claims. While losses may be obvious to the victim, judges and insurance companies require hard-proof and verifiable documents that lay out the financial and physical fallout from the car accident. Failing to produce these important documents can cause delays in your case, a reduced compensation amount and even a dismissed claim. Don’t accept less than you deserve. Come to court prepared by bringing in these important documents.

Important Documents After A Car Accident In Alabama

When an accident has occurred, calling the police is typically the first thing victims do. Whether victims are suffering from a personal injury or not, it’s still important to contact police for assistance with traffic and cleanup. In addition, the police will prepare an accident report that can be used as evidence that an accident did occur. Contact the police department to get a copy of this report for court.

If injuries are present, then you’ll likely be taken to a hospital for treatment. Preserve all medical bills, prescription medication receipts and other records of your injuries and treatment. To obtain a copy of your treatment records, contact the records and billing department of your hospital.

Losses in the form of property damages can be proven using vehicle damage estimates obtained from repair shops or proof of your vehicle’s value prior to the accident. Lost wages can be proven by providing the court with documents from your employer that verify your income and missed time from work.

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