Uber Lyft Accidents Alabama

Uber Lyft Accidents Alabama

Ride sharing has exploded with the widespread availability of the internet and the invention of apps like Uber and Lyft. Overall, these companies have made it possible for entrepreneurs to make money and passengers to obtain a relatively cheap ride when needed, but what happens when you are involved in an accident while ride sharing?

Injuries Arising From Uber Or Lyft Accidents In Alabama

In some cases, the Uber or Lyft driver’s car insurance will cover the losses you sustain due to the accident. The driver must hold either a commercial insurance policy or a policy that covers ride sharing for this to apply. Neither Uber nor Lyft require their drivers to hold such insurance policies.

Uber and Lyft both carry third party liability insurance which means that victims who have exhausted the driver’s policies can apply for compensation through the company’s policy. If the driver was at fault, then this coverage will likely apply in your personal injury case.

If the other driver is found to be at fault for the accident, then it’s unlikely that Uber, Lyft or the driver’s insurance will help cover the costs of the car accident. In these cases, victims must seek resolution from the at-fault driver. If that driver is uninsured, then it might be possible for victims to use Uber or Lyft’s uninsured insurance coverage.

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