Assume Drivers Don’t Notice You When Cycling In Alabama

Assume Drivers Don’t Notice You When Cycling In Alabama

You know how when you buy a new car, you begin to notice other cars of the same model? Or when you buy a new top and see another three people wearing the same top as you walk down the street. The same happens with bicycles. When you start riding a bike, you begin seeing cyclists everywhere. They were there before; you just didn’t notice them.

Many car or truck drivers do not ride bicycles, so they do not see cyclists. Most bicycle accidents happen because drivers did not see the cyclist — they are not a part of their conscious world.

The League of American Bicyclists ranked Alabama close to last in its rankings of bike-friendly states. So, if you want to enjoy Alabama’s roads in safety, you need to take a defensive attitude and assume drivers do not know you are there. These are some steps you can take:

  • Be alert: You need to be cycling with your eyes and ears alert for danger.
  • Be legal: Obey the rules of the road when on your bike. By acting in a predictable, law-abiding manner, you reduce the risk of a vehicle not seeing you.
  • Be seen: Use lights at night, and in low light, such as dawn or dusk. Remember, dark clothing makes you harder to see.
  • Maintain your bike: Your bike needs to be roadworthy, if you are to ride safely.
  • Protect your head: A helmet could save your life or reduce the chance of serious injury.

If you suffer a bike accident caused by a driver in Central Alabama, you may be facing considerable medical costs and loss of earnings. Make sure you understand your legal options.