Keeping Your Teens Safe From Driving And Pedestrian Accidents During Summer

Keeping Your Teens Safe From Driving And Pedestrian Accidents During Summer

Summer is considered one of the deadliest times of the year for teen drivers in central Alabama and the United States, with roughly 8,300 killed in crashes across the nation between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Those numbers are not random but instead expected due to the reasons noted below.

With schools out for the summer, pent-up energy racing through teens and plenty of time for outdoor adventures during normal times, it makes sense that there’d be more teenagers on the road during the summer. Add in the restlessness of teens coming out of COVID-related shutdowns across the country, and there’s an even higher likelihood that more teens will be hitting the road, resulting in teenage driver and pedestrian accidents.

Given the increased road traffic, the Automobile Association of America (AAA) is recommending that this is the perfect time for parents to speak with their driving-age children about safe driving techniques. By exhibiting safe driving techniques, the belief is that children will adopt and model that responsible behavior.

There’s no question that safe-driving techniques have to be taught and enforced among teens. In alarming percentages, teens admit to unsafe behavior like texting while driving, driving without wearing a seatbelt, aggressive driving and driving while exhausted. This behavior naturally leads to more accidents and deaths.

In order to keep their children safe, parents can make proactive moves to help their teens drive safely and responsibly.

  • By practicing safe driving techniques themselves, parents can naturally teach their kids how to drive safely when they’re on their own
  • Parents can make their teens enter into a safe-driving agreement that outlines strict rules for continued driving privileges
  • Parents can take the initiative by participating in a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving practice with their teens, helping ensure that they’re following the rules of the road.

If teens are involved in car accidents, working with pedestrian accidents and car accident attorneys can help clients get the legal represenation they deserve.