Taking An Uber? Here’s What To Do If A Crash Happens

Taking An Uber? Here’s What To Do If A Crash Happens

Taking a ridesharing service home is the responsible thing to do after you go out for a drink or if you know you won’t be able to drive safely. You rely on the driver to do their best and to provide a safe service, too.

Unfortunately, some drivers are not safe, and there is no way to know if that driver is going to be the one you end up with. While services like Uber do use a rating system, there is no guarantee that your driver won’t get into a collision.

What Happens If You’re Involved In A Crash While Using A Ridesharing Service?

If you are involved in a crash while riding with Uber, Lyft or another service, it’s important for you to pursue compensation. You may be able to make a claim against the driver’s insurance or seek compensation from another party if they hit your vehicle. Always go to the hospital to get checked out following a collision.

What Does Uber Do To Make Sure Their Drivers Are Safe?

If you’re interested in taking Uber, you should know that the company does require a background check. Even current drivers are vetted yearly. The company also requires drivers to follow the law. All drivers are screened through a multilevel safety screening. The company looks for violations like drugged or drunk driving, violent crimes and driving violations so that they can be more certain about who they’re having work on their app.

As someone who uses ridesharing services, make sure you do your homework and prepare in advance. Check the driver’s ratings and schedule rides with those you trust. If you do end up in a crash, you may be able to pursue a claim against one or more parties.