Volvo’s Latest Recall Shows The Risks Involved In Defective Parts

Volvo’s Latest Recall Shows The Risks Involved In Defective Parts

Few products are as safety-critical for users as motor vehicles are. A malfunction in a vehicle could mean that individuals lose control or that the very systems that they depend on to protect them in a moment of danger could fail when needed the most.

Volvo is currently undergoing the biggest recall that it has ever had to conduct. The nature of the recall is very concerning, with the failure in this case potentially putting people’s lives at risk.

Volvo Must Recall 2.18 Million Vehicles Due To A Safety Belt Issue

Safety belts are the most basic restraints that are necessary in every vehicle for every occupant. They help to keep those in a vehicle from getting ejected from the vehicle in a crash and help keep them in a secure position during the erratic motion often involved in a collision.

Unfortunately for Volvo owners, many models could have defective cables that might impact the functionality of their safety belts. There are 2.18 million vehicles worldwide involved, about 300,000 of which are in the United States. There are nine impacted models, with model years from 2006 to 2019.

When defective products hurt people, the victims have rights

If  a safety belt fails and turns what could have been a minor fender-bender into an accident that produces life-altering injuries, the victim may have a stronger claim against the car manufacturer than the other driver, because it was the defective component that made the crash so severe.

Those who are injured because of defective products ranging from medical devices to vehicle components may have the right to bring a claim for compensation against the manufacturer that made the product.