Could You Be Driving Distracted Without Even Realizing It?

Could You Be Driving Distracted Without Even Realizing It?

Thanks in part to public awareness campaigns, most people know that distracted driving caused by mobile phones is incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, all of those awareness campaigns have also caused people to have a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to distracted driving.

Screens are far from the only source of distraction that could lead to a crash. Some of the things that you do every day during your commute might constitute distracted driving even if you never pick up your phone.

Eating, Drinking And Smoking Are All Distractions

Whether you’re trying to get breakfast in before you reach your office or you really need a smoke after a long day at work, consuming things while in control of your vehicle is a dangerous distraction. It means that at least one of your hands will be off the wheel and let your mind will be focused on what is going into your mouth, rather than what is going on around you on the road.

Phone Calls Or Conversations With Other People In The Car Also Distract

If you have a hands-free device, that doesn’t mean that you can engage in long and intense conversations safely at the wheel. In fact, you don’t need to be using a phone for a conversation to be a source of distraction.

Other passengers in your vehicle can distract you just as easily as a phone call can. When you are talking to someone in your vehicle, the natural inclination to glance over at them can also put you at risk because it takes your eyes off the road.

If you get into a crash caused by another driver, it’s important to remember that not all forms of distraction are obvious. Even daydreaming could lead to a crash. Alerting officers to your suspicions of distraction, especially if someone admits that they didn’t see you before they hit you, could make it easier for you to prove fault and possibly seek compensation from a distracted driver.