Ways To Spot A Drunk Driver On The Road

Ways To Spot A Drunk Driver On The Road

As everyone begins rushing headlong into the 2020 holiday season, this is a good time to remember that there may be an increase in drunk drivers out there on the road.

Encountering a drunk driver when you’re returning home from visiting relatives or shopping for presents can be scary. It’s also potentially devastating should that driver end up crashing into you. That’s why it’s smart to know how to spot a drunk on the road and react accordingly.

Signs That A Driver May Be Impaired

There are a lot of poor drivers out there, but intoxicated drivers tend to stick out. Look for the following:

  • A car that is drifting in and out of its lane, weaving or zig-zagging
  • A driver that seems to brake or come to a full stop at random
  • Drivers that signal a turn or another action and don’t carry through
  • A vehicle that keeps hitting the curb or comes close to taking out mailboxes
  • A car that doesn’t have its headlines on after dark
  • An aggressive driver that starts tailgating others and swerving around vehicles
  • A vehicle that’s moving 10 mph or more below the speed limit
  • A driver that seems to be nodding off at stop signs or red lights

If you suspect that you’re on the road with a drunk driver, don’t try to handle the situation yourself. Pull over so that you’re out of their way and put some distance between you. Call 911 and give the operator as much information as you can, including the vehicle’s make, model, color and license plate number (if you have it) and the direction they were headed.

Get Help After A Wreck With A Drunk Driver

If you’re injured in a crash with a driver who was intoxicated or high, you deserve compensation for your losses. Find out more about your options by reviewing our site further or by giving us a call.