Is Bayer’s Decision Not To Appeal A Roundup Verdict Good News?

Is Bayer’s Decision Not To Appeal A Roundup Verdict Good News?

Bayer recently announced it would not contest a court’s decision to award a groundkeeper $20.5 million. He claimed that exposure to Roundup gave him cancer. Does that mean Bayer is finally accepting Roundup causes cancer? Sadly not.

Bayer Continues To Claim Roundup Is Safe To Use

Bayer continues to claim Roundup is safe to use despite at least 125,00 people having filed to claim it has caused them cancer. The decision not to appeal the award signals a switch of tactics rather than an admission of guilt.

Bayer tried to have the judgment in favor of the groundkeeper overturned on various occasions. That never happened, yet they did persuade courts to slash the amount of damages. The original amount awarded was $289 million. Several appeals saw it reduced to less than a tenth of that.

The case is one of the three initial ones brought. Bayer continues to contest the second of these on a state level. They announced they would concentrate their fight on the third case via a federal court rather than contest the $20.5 million case again. They believe if they win, it will have a wide-reaching effect.

Should I Claim If I Believe Roundup Has Given Me Cancer?

It is important to remember that what a company knows and what they admit to are often two different things. If Bayer says they know or knew that Roundup could cause cancer, it will open the door to more cases. They are trying to avoid that. An attorney can tell you more about the latest developments and assess your chance of claiming for the effect that Roundup has had on your life.