What Should You Know If You’re In A Rideshare Crash?

What Should You Know If You’re In A Rideshare Crash?

Rideshare companies make it easier for individuals to get around. The concept is simple. You request a ride, and the company matches you with a driver. The driver picks you up and, hopefully, gets you to your destination safely.

Some people don’t spend enough time thinking about the safety aspects of this arrangement. While these rideshare companies perform checks on their drivers, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a crash. Anyone who uses rideshare companies should know what to do if they’re involved in a wreck while they’re a passenger. One of the first things you need to do is get medical care for your injuries. After that, you’ll need to think about who will pay the damages.

Who Pays For Damages In An Uber Crash?

Where you turn for compensation in one of these rideshare crashes depends on the coverage for the driver and vehicle. Some rideshare drivers have insurance policies that account for their role. If this is the case, that’s the insurance policy you’ll turn to for coverage.

You’ll need to turn to the rideshare company’s insurance policy when the driver doesn’t have a policy covering their role as a rideshare driver. The issue with this is that the rideshare company will likely fight only to pay a bare minimum amount.

Determining Liability In Your Rideshare Accident Case

Make sure that you report the rideshare accident to the authorities. You also need to make reports to the applicable insurance companies. Because the process is so involved and there are so many variables, you may opt to work with an attorney who’s familiar with rideshare crashes. Your lawyer will know the steps you need to take to recover the total compensation you need following your accident.