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Essential Car Safety Tips for Children

Essential Car Safety Tips for Children

| Jul 13, 2017 | accident prevention, Car Accidents, Personal Injury, safety tips

child in car seat
Driving with children can always be scary, because though as a parent you are always putting your child’s safety first, you need to make sure you are following necessary protocols to ensure best possible safety. Whether it be a young toddler still in a car seat, or a kid going into their teenage years, car safety for children should be taken very seriously. Though no one hopes to get in an accident, they do happen, and making sure your kid is as safe as they can be is crucial in case an accident does happen.

Starting off with car seats, it is very important they are installed correctly. It is estimated around 40 percent of car seats are not correctly installed, increasing chances of death by almost 70 percent. It is important to read the directions carefully, because every now and then there are some small specifications that will be missed without looking them over. If you are having trouble correctly installing the car seat, there are technicians who are able to do the whole thing, or at least look it over. Also, make sure that the car seat you are purchasing is up to safety standards. Sometimes it is important to spend that extra money  to ensure safety.

For older kids, as much as they might not like it, the middle seat in the car is often the safest place for them to sit. The back seat in general is nearly 65 percent safer than the front seat, while the middle seat alone is 25 percent safer than the window seats in the back. If there were to be a collision in the back, it is much safer to be in the middle in case the collision happens to be a T-Bone sort of collision.

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