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The Responsibilities of a Property Owner in Alabama

The Responsibilities of a Property Owner in Alabama

| Jul 19, 2017 | Personal Injury, premises liability

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In any state, it is important for landlords to follow laws regarding their owning of property, and every property owner should learn laws they do not yet know. In Alabama, there are certain laws that do not apply to other states, and it is very important for landlords and property owners in Alabama to know these different laws to make sure you are not held liable in any legal cases. Like many other places, the landlords must keep the property safe to live on, or they could face some serious problems.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to make sure both the inside, and the outside of the house is safe. Say for example that because of problems not caused by the person living there, that a floor breaks out of nowhere, causing the person living there to fall through and break their back. This is the landlord’s fault, for not taking care of the property. Now, for example, if the person living there drops something through the floor and then falls and hurts themselves, there is likely not much to be done in court.

Landlords must also make sure everything is alright with the outside of the house. Say for example, the roof of the house begins to rot, this is their responsibility to fix, not yours. If they do not fix it, and the roof collapses in on you or your family and injures them, this is due to the landlord’s negligence. As long as you did not deliberately break something that led to your injury, it is not your fault.

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