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5 Things Drivers Must Do to Keep Motorcyclists Safe

5 Things Drivers Must Do to Keep Motorcyclists Safe

| Jan 4, 2018 | Personal Injury

Motorcycle on Road
It’s important to remember that every time you get in the driver’s seat that you are legally responsible for following all traffic and safety laws to avoid a motor vehicle crash. The majority of accidents involving a vehicle and motorcycle are blamed on visibility issues. Motor vehicle drivers often argue that they didn’t see the motorcyclist, and the low visibility caused the accident. While motorcyclists may be harder to spot than cars, responsibility ultimately falls on the driver to remain vigilant on the road and avoid them. The law requires that drivers “look twice – save a life,” and share the road.

Driving laws also require drivers to avoid distractions like cell phones, food, hot beverages, loud music or anything else that may hinder their focus on the road. Motorcyclists should always be given the full width of the lane they are riding in regardless of their small size. Bikers are much more vulnerable in crashes than passengers are in cars, so it’s wise to give them more space than you think they need. Always check your blind spots before changing lanes to ensure no motorcyclists are present. Motorcycles are much smaller than cars, and it’s difficult to estimate their speed or distance in your side mirrors. Make it a habit to physically turn your head to check for bikes.

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