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Diabetes Drug Side Effects You Won’t Believe

Diabetes Drug Side Effects You Won’t Believe

| Feb 1, 2018 |  Mass Torts

Many individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes are prescribed drugs like Invokana to help regulate their blood sugar. Most individuals taking these drugs are not well-informed about potential side-effects because doctors and pharmaceutical companies work hard to minimize the perceived risk of the drugs they make and prescribe. While the law requires patients to be informed of the potential side-effects of drugs, patients are usually notified in long paragraphs of tiny print in pamphlets that are often disregarded. Most individuals would be shocked to learn about the devastating, life-altering consequences that some individuals suffer after taking diabetes medicines.
One unbelievable side-effect of blood regulation medication is potential amputation. Recent studies have indicated that patients taking Invokana had twice the rate of amputations in their lower limbs, and the FDA confirmed these findings in May of this year. The FDA now requires the drug to notify patients about the increased risk of amputation. Another surprising side-effect is the increased risk of bone fracture. Diabetes contributes to an individual’s risk of heart disease, but diabetes drugs like Invokana also increase the risk of heart attacks. Diabetes drugs also affect the way that kidneys function, so these drugs greatly increase the risk of kidney failure. Within weeks of starting treatments, patients are much more likely to suffer from stroke, diabetic ketoacidosis, death and a whole host of other less severe symptoms like urinary tract infections and back pain.

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