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Effective Motorcycle Accident Attorneys For People Near Uab

People in the Birmingham, Alabama, region often go to the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Hospital for treatment. UAB is the only level one trauma center in Alabama and is ranked among the best such facilities in the United States. Because motorcycle accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, victims of such accidents who receive care at UAB can take comfort in knowing that they are in good hands. You need a Birmingham motorcycle accident lawyer who will stand by your side, contact Salter Ferguson, LLC, today.

Seriously injured victims of motorcycle accidents are also in good hands when they work with our personal injury lawyers at Salter Ferguson, LLC. We know that suffering trauma can be both life changing and costly. Our attorneys work hard to obtain the compensation and resources victims need to recover as fully as possible and move on with their lives.

Most Common Injuries Sustained In Alabama Motorcycle Wrecks

At Salter Ferguson, LLC, we represent motorcycle accident victims injured by the negligence of others, including those who have received treatment at UAB Hospital. We advocate for people suffering from motorcycle accident injuries such as:

Injuries like these can leave people unable to work for weeks or months – or, in the worst cases, for the rest of their lives. The motorcycle crash victim may require extensive reconstructive surgery. They may experience paralysis after spinal cord damage and require lifelong care. In short, motorcycle accidents are often devastating to victims.

Causes Of Crashes That Send Victims To Uab Hospital In Birmingham, Alabama

Negligence in motorcycle accidents can take many forms. For example, a car or truck driver may change lanes without signaling, forcing the trailing motorcycle to take evasive action that could lead to a crash. Other negligent actions that can cause motorcycle accidents on Alabama roads and highways include car and truck drivers who:

  • Turn left or change lanes without looking
  • Fail to stop at an intersection stop light or sign
  • Open the door of a parked vehicle into the path of a motorcycle
  • Drive too fast for conditions or exceeding the speed limit
  • Drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI/DWI)
  • Cause accidents because of roadway defects such as potholes, obscured signage and nonfunctioning traffic lights

Being Treated For Injuries At Uab Hospital? Contact An Experienced Birmingham Lawyer Today.

If you are at UAB Hospital after a motorcycle accident, talk to the experienced Birmingham lawyers at Salter Ferguson, LLC. We offer free consultations and flexible appointment scheduling, including evenings and weekends. We will also visit you at home, in the hospital or any place that is convenient for you. Contact our law firm online to schedule a no-cost consultation about your case. You can call us at 877-298-4878.