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Popular Heartburn Drugs Linked To Deadly Kidney Damage

Americans commonly report experiencing heartburn, and many individuals suffer so severely that their doctors recommend prescription drugs to alleviate the condition. Unfortunately, drugs that are commonly prescribed for heartburn have been repeatedly linked to severe kidney damage in research studies. Heartburn drugs like Nexium, Prilosec, or Prevacid are proton pump inhibitors that greatly increase your

Normally Safe Medications That Can Be Harmful For Pregnant Women

A wide range of prescription and over the counter medications are designed to provide more benefit than harm to most patients. Many people takethese medications every day without negative effects. When you are pregnant, however, your body isn’t the only one affected by the medications you take. And medications that are safe for a fully-developed

7 Prescription Drugs With Harmful Side Effects To Be Aware Of

When a pharmaceutical manufacturer rushes a new drug product to market, spends millions of dollars to aggressively market it to doctors, and then persuades consumers by television and online popup ads to request the product from the doctor, many patients are potentially at risk. It should surprise no one that pharma manufacturers sometimes place revenues