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The Birmingham hospital malpractice attorneys at Salter Ferguson, LLC, are dedicated to protecting the rights of those injured by hospital negligence. If you have a reasonable belief that the negligent actions of a nurse, pharmacist or any other hospital staff member led to a serious injury or medical condition, let us help you through the process. Medical error is the third highest cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer. According to a study by Johns Hopkins’ patient safety experts, more than 250,000 people die every year due to medical error in the U.S. That’s 9.5 percent of all deaths.

Many other patients survive, but are seriously injured due to hospital negligence.

Were you injured because of a hospital employee’s error? Did a member of your family die due to a preventable medical mistake? It is important to talk to a Birmingham personal injury attorney who is experienced in cases involving hospital employee negligence.

Birmingham Injury Lawyers Dedicated To Protecting Your Rights Throughout Birmingham

Our firm focuses on malpractice cases involving paraprofessionals to include but not limited to registered nurses, practical nurses, nursing assistants, respiratory therapists, physical therapists and radiology technicians. In addition to these professionals, almost anyone who is employed at a hospital, clinic or pharmacy that comes in contact with a patient has the potential to cause harm to the patient. We evaluate cases in which a serious injury or death has occurred. Medical Malpractice cases are usually filed against the negligent party(ies) and the facility (hospital, clinic, pharmacy) that employs the negligent party. Our hospital malpractice lawyers have the resources and experience to take on tough cases, such as:

  • Failure to monitor and observe a patient
  • Failure to report adverse information
  • Failure to intervene
  • Hospital employee errors
  • Medication errors
  • Inaccurate record keeping
  • Negligent transport

As a registered nurse and former hospital manager, attorney Karen Salter has a unique perspective regarding these cases. She understands the level of medical care that all hospital staff must provide to patients, and she recognizes when the failure to do so leads to injuries.

In some cases, the hospital administration’s actions or inactions may have caused or contributed to your injury. Did they fail to do a proper background check on an employee with a criminal record who later assaulted a patient? Did the hospital fail to provide adequate staffing to provide care for patients?

Malpractice Cases In Birmingham Are Complex

Not every mistake made in a hospital is a case of malpractice. Hospital employees can do everything right, and patients can still have a bad outcome. If hospitals, nurses and other paraprofessionals violated an established duty of care, however, and a patient was seriously injured because of it, the injured party may have a legal right to pursue financial compensation for their damages.

Our legal team will carefully investigate the circumstances that led to your injury to determine what happened and who, if anyone, is legally responsible for paying damages. Then we will pursue maximum compensation for the full extent of your losses, including pain and suffering, current and future medical bills, lost wages or income and more.

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There is no charge and no obligation to talk to an experienced hospital employee negligence attorney about your case. To arrange a free initial consultation with a member of our legal team, contact our personal injury law firm online to speak with a dedicated member of our team. You can call us at 877-298-4878. We offer a flexible appointment schedule to accommodate your medical appointments and your employment commitments. We will also schedule home or hospital visits when you are unable to travel to our office. From our office in Birmingham, we represent hospital employee negligence victims throughout Central Alabama.