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4 Tips For Tire Safety

4 Tips For Tire Safety

One of the major causes of car accidents in Alabama is an issue with vehicle tires. Your tires make direct contact with the road, which can cause serious wear and tear. Driving over potholes and debris in the roadway can alter your wheel alignment and potentially cause a flat tire. In fact, even a freshly paved road can damage your tires over time. Moreover, cold weather can also affect your tires, which is why you need to exercise caution when driving during the winter months.

A little maintenance can go a long way when it comes to your tire performance. The best way to ensure that your vehicle tires are safe for use is to regularly inspect the tires. Here are a few specific tips for tire safety and maintenance:

Check Tire Pressure

Tires that are underinflated pose serious safety risks to drivers and passengers. Although many motorists think that it is easy to spot a flat tire, the truth is that a tire can be significantly underinflated without appearing to be flat. That’s why you need to take the time needed to closely inspect your tires and check the tire pressure.

Check Wheel Alignment

If your wheels become misaligned after hitting a pothole or being involved in any sort of collision, your ability to control the movement of your car in the future could be affected. That’s why you should have a professional check your wheel alignment.

Rotate The Tires

You need to make sure that your tires are rotated so that the front tires don’t get too much wear. If there is excessive stress on the front tires, they can go flat. Additionally, rotating your tires can increase the life expectancy of the tires and improve their performance. The general rule is that you should move the front tires to the rear, and the rear tires to the front, every 5,000 miles or so.

Drive Slowly

If you spot a pothole or debris in the road, you should try to safely avoid going over it. However, sometimes it’s not possible to avoid contact. That’s why your first move when you see a pothole or object in the roadway should be to slow down the vehicle.

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