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5 Symptoms Of Food Poisoning

5 Symptoms Of Food Poisoning

Anytime you eat food, whether it’s prepackaged and bought from a grocery store or cooked at a restaurant, you have an expectation that the food is safe for consumption. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from food poisoning after eating a contaminated food item that has been improperly prepared or stored. In most cases, food poisoning results in minor sickness that passes after a few hours or a few days. However, some instances of food poisoning can lead to more severe illnesses. For young children and seniors, the risks of serious illness or injury caused by food poisoning are particularly high and can even prove fatal.

If You Get Sick After Eating Food And The Symptoms Don’t Clear Up, It Is Imperative That You Get Evaluated By A Qualified Medical Professional As Soon As Possible. You Should Also Talk To An Experienced Personal Injury And Product Liability Lawyer Who Can Help You Understand Your Legal Options For Seeking Compensation.

You need to be able to recognize the symptoms of food poisoning in order to know whether you should seek medical treatment. Some of the symptoms of food poisoning include:


It is extremely common for a person suffering from food poisoning to find that they cannot keep any food down due to constant nausea.

Upset Stomach

Another common symptom of food poisoning is an upset stomach. Sometimes, an upset stomach can also include abdominal cramps.


If you can’t keep food or liquids down, you could struggle to remain sufficiently hydrated. Dehydration can do serious damage to your body and cause fatigue and headaches.


Even if you are not eating food while suffering from food poisoning, you may find that you frequently have to go to the bathroom due to diarrhea.

Muscle Aches

Consumption of contaminated food can also lead to severe muscle and joint pain.

If you got sick after eating food or drinking a beverage, you may have fallen victim to food poisoning. The experienced personal injury and product liability attorneys at Salter & Ferguson can help you explore your legal options and potentially file a product liability claim on your behalf so that you get monetary compensation. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.