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8 Safety Tips For Children On Halloween

8 Safety Tips For Children On Halloween

Children love Halloween. It’s one of the few days a year that’s specifically tailored for them to have fun. But without taking the right safety precautions, a night out could quickly become dangerous. Below are eight tips to ensure a safe Halloween for children.

Choose The Right Fit

Costumes, though sized, are not specifically made for exact body types. Costumes will often be a little snug or just too big. An oversized costume could lead to injury by getting snagged or trapped in certain obstacles. To avoid this, parents should trim any excess fabric that may be hazardous.

Stay Visible

Children often go trick-or-treating in darker conditions. If a child is wearing a dark costume, reflective tape, reflectors, lights, and other small but non-intrusive devices can help keep a child visible in dark situations which can include helping them to avoid any car accidents from nearby roads.

Stick With A Group

Children should never wander off on their own on Halloween.  Instead, with a group of friends or an older, known adult could help keep a child from being left behind or otherwise harmed.

Wait Before Eating

When collecting their treats, kids will often be tempted to eat as they go. Parents should always instruct their children to wait until they get home before indulging in their treats. Doing so can ensure that the treats are thoroughly inspected for any hazards or dangerous defects.

Obey Traffic Laws

While many kids will flock to the streets for trick-or-treating, it pays to remind them to obey the rules of the road. Kids should stay on the sidewalk and only cross the street with supervision or when it is safe to do so.

Watch Out For Dark Houses

Not all families celebrate Halloween. Children should be instructed to stay away from dark homes that are not participating. Not only could trick-or-treating at a dark home be a nuisance, but it can also be dangerous. Children should take care to move to homes that are clearly celebrating and well lit.

Don’t Enter Any Homes

Trick-or-treaters should never enter a home when trick-or-treating. The treats should be outside at the door.

Don’t Talk To Strangers

Since so many people, adults and children alike will be in costume, kids will naturally gravitate to others regardless of age.  Kids should avoid talking to or going off with strangers.

Halloween can be a very fun time of the year. With these safety tips in mind, avoiding danger can be simple. However, despite best efforts, getting injured on Halloween is common.

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