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Aggressive Driving: What It Is And Why It Happens

Aggressive Driving: What It Is And Why It Happens

Aggressive driving is similar to road rage, but a bit different. It doesn’t generally have the same anger directed at one other specific driver, but the person engaging in aggressive driving is still taking risks and increasing danger on the road.

For instance, aggressive drivers tend to:

  • Weave back and forth between lanes
  • Make dangerous passing maneuvers
  • Break the speed limit
  • Take corners too quickly
  • Tailgate slower cars
  • Speed up for yellow lights
  • Run red lights and stop signs

In short, if someone isn’t taking proper precautions and driving carefully, they’re likely an aggressive driver. You’re in danger when sharing the road with them.

Why Does Aggressive Driving Happen?

The reasons for aggressive driving are numerous. Some people honestly don’t know they’re doing it, such as tailgaters who just don’t understand a proper following distance. Others are stuck in traffic and becoming frustrated. Many are late and trying to make up time. Some may actually like the “rush” of driving aggressively and do it on purpose.

You also have many situations where multiple factors all contribute. A man leaves his house 10 minutes too late to get to work on time. He speeds and tailgates to make up time. Then he gets caught in a traffic jam. He weaves back and forth, trying to get through, then accelerates through a red light to leave the congestion behind.

What If You Get Injured By An Aggressive Driver?

As noted, driving around aggressive drivers puts you at risk. If you get injured in a car accident, you may be able to seek financial compensation.