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Can You Get Severely Ill From A Dog Bite?

Can You Get Severely Ill From A Dog Bite?

Dog attacks are dangerous in at least three ways. They cause immediate traumatic injury, lead to psychological issues and often pose additional health complications.

Even when a bite seems to have barely scratched the surface of your skin, consider having it checked by a physician to avoid complications. A lot can happen in and outside the body after the initial trauma of a dog attack.

Immediate Risks

Dogs have a lot of power behind their bites. For example, mastiff breeds like the Kangal can bite with a force of nearly 750 pounds per square inch. The immediate risks bite victims face in a forceful dog attack are blood loss, deep punctures, bone fractures and crush injuries (especially in children).

Bacterial And Viral Risks

The mouths of dogs contain a lot of bacteria. Exposure to potentially harmful strains like Pasteurella multocida and Staphylococcus aureus can lead to tetanus and other severe illnesses. Dogs may also carry the rabies virus, which can be transmitted to humans through bite wounds. Tetanus and rabies are life-threatening conditions.

Infection Risks

The bacteria in a dog’s mouth can cause infections, but so can wounds that are left untreated. Even relatively minor dog bites, tears, punctures and scratches benefit from a medical evaluation right away. Prompt attention ensures you receive infection-preventing treatment as soon as possible.

Account For All Your Harm

Focusing on your physical injuries is natural, but make sure to address all the harm you suffered, including mental trauma and bite-related illness. A representative with knowledge of Alabama injury compensation laws can help with your dog bite claim.