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Different Types Of Slip And Fall Injuries

Different Types Of Slip And Fall Injuries

slip & fall accident can occur in a variety of circumstances. You could slip while walking along the sidewalk in your neighborhood or you could trip while heading to your car in a poorly lit parking lot. Regardless of where you suffered the slip & fall injury, the damage to your body could be catastrophic. At a minimum, you may be looking at high costs for medical treatment. That’s why you need to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury and premises liability attorney who can help you get compensated for your injuries. Beyond that, filing a lawsuit may be the only way to get the negligent property owner to fix the hazard and ensure that no one else suffers a similar injury.

Some of the different types of slip and fall injuries include:

Broken Bones

The common types of injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents are broken bones, soft tissue damage, and lacerations. Although these kinds of injuries are unlikely to prove fatal, they often require costly medical treatment.

Head Trauma

Since most slip & fall injuries result in hard contact with the ground, the victim may suffer head trauma and even a concussion.

Spinal Cord Damage

Seniors with degenerative back conditions are more likely to suffer significant spinal cord injuries when they trip and fall.

Permanent Scarring

If the victim scrapes their arms or legs on the ground after falling, it’s possible that they could suffer from permanent scarring as a result of the slip & fall accident.

Pain And Suffering

Depending on the nature of your slip & fall injury, you may be able to seek damages for the pain and suffering you endure as a result of the injury.

Wrongful Death

In the worst cases, a slip and fall injury can lead to death. For instance, if the slip & fall accident occurred at a construction site, it’s possible that the victim fell from a great height and suffered a catastrophic injury.

Medical care, including surgery and rehabilitation costs, can be extremely expensive. Additionally, a person who sustains a slip & fall injury may be forced to take time off from work during their recovery. That’s why anyone who suffers this type of injury should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney immediately and explore their legal options for seeking compensation.

If you were injured in a slip & fall accident, you should talk to a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer immediately. The experienced personal injury and premises liability attorneys at Salter & Ferguson can help you with your case. Contact us anytime to schedule a free initial consultation.