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E-scooters May Be Fun, But They Are Also Be Dangerous

E-scooters May Be Fun, But They Are Also Be Dangerous

You decided to rent an e-scooter while you were visiting another state. This may have been your first time riding one of these scooters, so you were not aware of the risks involved in using them.

Now, you have a bad case of road rash, a concussion and a broken wrist. You hit a pothole in the street—and went flying.

What Are E-scooters?

E-scooters are electric scooters which may help riders to get from point A to point B more quickly than if they had used their car. While these little scooters are fun and zippy, they may also pose more of a risk of injuries or worse for riders who are not fully informed of their use.

Not only is a pothole-related spill a risk. You may also collide with a car. It may be harder for drivers to see you on a scooter that has a slim profile.

Why Are E-scooter Riders Injured When They Use Them?

Riders who have never ridden an e-scooter may find themselves falling or colliding with a car or tree. You may not know whether e-scooters are a reliable form of transportation.

You may be looking at scooter malfunctions or defects when you rent one. Their small size also makes them more difficult to spot in traffic. If a scooter has been frequently rented, it may be more likely to malfunction.

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Is Investigating E-scooters

E-scooter riders all across the U.S. have fallen or collided with a large object, then suffered potentially serious injuries. If a rider is new to riding a scooter, they may lose control of the vehicle.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has begun collecting data on injuries related to scooter use. One factor being studied is the lack of helmet use. Learning about the risks of e-scooter use may cause riders to take more precautions.