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Fighting The Whiplash Stigma In Injury Claims

Fighting The Whiplash Stigma In Injury Claims

In recent years the term “whiplash” has been associated with movie or television comedy where a person fakes the injury in an effort to make a quick buck. This is just a small taste of the stigma that surrounds whiplash, which is an actual injury that motorists most commonly sustain in a rear-end collision.

What Are Whiplash Injuries?

The truth is that whiplash is a soft tissue injury sustained when your head gets whipped back in a sudden motion. It usually comes in the form of a strain or sprain to the muscles and tendons in the neck and/or back.

The problem associated with whiplash is the simple fact it is hard to prove and quantify the injury. In addition, whiplash symptoms might not even reveal themselves until later on after the incident.

In addition, people have been known to fake the injury because of how hard it is to prove and quantify. This makes insurance adjusters especially suspicious when it comes to whiplash cases.

So, what steps can you take to fight the whiplash stigma?

Your first step following an accident is to seek medical attention and treatment, especially if you feel any pain or discomfort. A medical professional will know what to look for when it comes to whiplash and creating a medical record that documents your injury holds more weight than you making statements about your injury to an insurance adjuster.

Once you have a documented record that your injury is in fact whiplash, you should begin the claim process. Since Alabama allows suits for personal injuries following an automobile accident, you should notify the other motorist’s insurance company of your intent to file a claim. It is best to do this in writing so it is on the record.

It is also advisable to continue documenting your medical expenses from your initial treatment to any subsequent, ongoing and future treatments. In addition to medical expenses, document any lost wages if the injury kept you from working. These documents serve not only as proof of your losses but also make it easy for insurance adjusters to get you compensated.

Of course, taking the aforementioned steps does not always guarantee you will get your compensation. The other motorist my not even have insurance or their insurance company might choose not to pay. In that case, it is in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney.

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