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How Long Does A Car Accident Case Take?

How Long Does A Car Accident Case Take?

If you’re asking, “How long does a car accident case take?” you’ve probably been injured in a serious Alabama car accident. To explain the progression of a car accident case, let’s review the timeline of an example.

Jane was driving through her residential area in Birmingham, Alabama. She went through an intersection at about 15 miles an hour. There wasn’t a stop sign at the intersection. A car traveling in the opposite direction did encounter a stop sign. The driver didn’t stop and hit Jane on her car’s passenger side, or a t-bone crash.

Alabama Car Accident

Jane’s passenger door caved in from the impact. The force caused Jane to hit her head—even though she was wearing a seatbelt and was driving under the speed limit.

Almost immediately, Jane’s lower back began to hurt. She experienced left wrist pain where she caught the steering wheel.

The other driver calls 9-1-1. He isn’t injured. The ambulance arrives at the scene to take Jane to the hospital. Doctors explain that she has a broken wrist, a concussion, and bruises on her lower back and legs. An MRI showed damage to her spine.

Nine months later, Jane is still suffering from constant lower back and wrist pain. She missed three months of work to recover from the broken wrist. She can’t walk and does her work in a wheelchair.

After The Accident

Jane’s husband arrived at the hospital. He reported the accident to their car insurance company. He also reported the accident to the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

When police arrived on the scene, the other driver received a ticket for running a stop sign and driving over the speed limit. The other driver is considered “at fault” or negligent.

Jane requested a copy of the police report from her hospital bed. The police officer told Jane that she has a limited period of time in which to file a lawsuit in Alabama. The “statute of limitations” in Alabama establishes a two-year period in which to file a car accident lawsuit.

Alabama Car Accident Lawsuit

Jane contacted a Birmingham car accident lawyer several days after the car accident. Her husband asked for referrals from friends and family. Because Jane was injured by the driver, she wanted to choose the right car accident lawyer for her potential case.

At first, Jane wasn’t sure that a car accident lawyer would be necessary. As the weeks and months went on, it was clear that Jane sustained serious injuries:

  • As an hourly worker, she couldn’t earn a living if she didn’t go to work.
  • She had to buy a wheelchair. Her employer had to define accommodations to allow Jane to return to work.
  • Jane was able to work less than 10 hours a week because of her injuries. Prior to the accident, Jane worked 40 hours a week plus overtime.
  • Although Jane didn’t believe her car was seriously damaged, the body repair shop estimated that repairs to the vehicle were greater than its current value.

Hospital care, doctor visits, treatments, physical therapy and rehabilitation, the cost of a wheelchair, lost income and wages, the potential need for surgery and the pain and suffering Jane sustained as a result of the car accident convinced her it was time to file a car accident lawsuit.

How Long An Alabama Car Accident Takes

Jane has two years from the car accident date to file a car accident lawsuit. If she doesn’t file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations period in Alabama, she might not be able to recover financial damages.

If you or someone you care about was seriously injured in a car accident, don’t wait to consult an experienced Alabama car accident lawyer. If it’s impossible to settle the case before the expiration of the statute of limitations, it’s important to call a knowledgeable Birmingham car accident lawyer now. Call Salter Ferguson, LLC at 877-298-4878 or fill out their convenient online contact form to discuss your potential case.

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