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Hurt In An Ambulance? Is It Personal Injury Or Malpractice?

Hurt In An Ambulance? Is It Personal Injury Or Malpractice?

As you may know, you have legal options if you suffer an injury through negligence. The law recognizes that people deserve a remedy that makes them as whole as possible in the wake of a negligent injury.

Usually, this involves filing an insurance or legal claim to recover financial compensation for your harm. An award obtained through a successful claim helps you can pay for medical treatment and recover your injury-related expenses.

Occasionally, the circumstances of an injury make it hard to determine who to target in a claim. For example, what if you had an emergency resulting in an ambulance ride where you suffered additional harm?

Is It A Personal Injury Claim?

Say that your ambulance driver had a few drinks at dinner right before responding to your call for help.

Assume the driver causes a vehicle crash due to intoxication, and you are injured again, or your initial problem worsens. In such a situation, an injury claim allows you to obtain compensation from the ambulance company’s insurer.

Is It Medical Malpractice?

Now, say that no one was drinking alcohol and no accident occurred, but the paramedics or emergency medical technicians (EMTs) provided negligent medical care during the trip. As a result of their negligence, your injury or illness worsened or you suffered additional harm.

Before you proceed with a claim, it is wise to seek legal guidance. Several factors, such as whom the responder works for and their employment classification (such as employee or contractor), will determine your best course in obtaining restitution.

Learning more about Alabama injury and medical malpractice laws ensures you have built a sturdy foundation upon which to file your claim.