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Injuries From A Head-on Crash Can Be Devastating

Injuries From A Head-on Crash Can Be Devastating

When two vehicles have a head-on collision, the result can be grim for you and your passengers. If another vehicle comes straight at yours, it may happen so fast that you cannot even get out of the way. The after-effects of that car or truck slamming full force into your vehicle can be almost unimaginable. Your vehicle, as well as your body, will be significantly damaged from that type of massive impact.

The injuries that you and others may suffer can definitely be life-threatening and life-changing. Head-on crashes are among the worst types of accidents in that respect. “This [kind of accident] can lead to some of the most serious car accident injuries, including being thrown through windshields and worse.”

Why Do Head-on Crashes Occur?

There can be many explanations for these types of accidents. The other driver may be inexperienced, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, having a sudden medical emergency, driving too fast to control their vehicle or distracted.

What Can Happen To You In A Head-on Crash?

There are two possible scenarios that might be highly consequential. If you are flung out of the vehicle, you may be hurt in the crash and then hurt a second time upon hitting the ground. If the front of the vehicle is crushed, you could be pinned inside with severe injuries from mangled metal and broken glass.

Some typical injuries after a head-on collision are these:

  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Internal bleeding and injuries
  • Serious lacerations and cuts
  • Spinal, back, brain or neck injuries
  • Your seatbelt may hold you back so tightly that you sustain damage to the chest

You might have injuries that prevent you from working, driving, walking and living as usual for a long time. The recuperation period could be painful and drawn out. There may be psychological effects as well. Being compensated for the emotional and physical damage you suffered could help you get through it.