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Learn Backover Accidents

Learn Backover Accidents

In the grand scheme of things, the term “backover accident” is something most people are not too familiar with. If you work in construction or with large vehicles and/or heavy machinery, a backover accident is probably part of your vocabulary. So for this unfamiliar with the term, a backover accident refers to an incident where a large vehicle (typically a construction truck of some kind) that is traveling in reverse backs over a worker on foot or pedestrian in the area. It sounds scary because it really is. According to the latest available data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 64 people lost their lives due to backover related incidents. Those fortunate enough to survive such an accident end up severely injured. It is a lose-lose.

You might be wondering if anyone is doing anything to prevent these types of accidents. The easy answer is yes but the difficult answer is that actual regulations and laws regarding backover accidents are still a ways off. This does not mean you should not do what you can to prevent a backover accident, especially if you work in construction regularly. The following practices can go a long way in preventing injury or death from a backover accident.

Technology Worth The Investment

One great way to reduce the risk of a backover accident occurring is rearview cameras. This technology comes equipped in many of today’s consumer vehicles and could be a worthwhile investment for commercial and construction vehicles. The rearview camera provides drivers with a wide-angle view of what is directly behind their vehicle. It lets them see what would normally be in their blind spot. In addition, another piece of technology worth having is a proximity detector. This is something that would sense another object that ends up close to the vehicle. If it gets too close for comfort an alarm will sound to alert the driver.

The combination of a rearview camera and proximity detector can go a long way in preventing backover accidents, but they can also be costly for some. The good news is one other way to avoid backover accidents is to utilize well-trained spotters. A good rule of thumb is to have no vehicles travel in reverse unless a spotter is on hand and gives the okay. Spotters should look out for other workers, pedestrians or objects that might end up in the path of the truck.

It is important that spotters and drivers should be in sync, utilizing an agreed-upon hand signal system. Maintaining visual contact with a spotter is also important, and if that contact is broken, the driver should stop the truck immediately. Now even though a spotter is a much cheaper option than a rearview camera and proximity detector, you have to keep in mind that it is still a dangerous position. Many times, spotters end up victims of rollover accidents, so always be cautious of your spotter.

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