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Medical Malpractice Claims Can Be Based On Hospital Negligence

Medical Malpractice Claims Can Be Based On Hospital Negligence

Contrary to popular belief, not all forms of medical harm occur solely because of physician error, even in hospitals. For example, any hospital employee working with patients or handling patient materials can make a negligent mistake.

What Are Some Examples Of Hospital Negligence?

Below, you will find several examples of negligence caused by a hospital rather than a private physician not employed by the facility.

  • A hospital employee gives a patient the wrong medicine or the wrong dose of a prescribed drug.
  • A spreading infection improperly addressed by hospital staff members harms the patient.
  • The hospital staff fails to monitor the patient properly.
  • A nurse or technician fails to follow a physician’s orders.
  • A doctor employed by the hospital makes a negligent surgical or treatment error.

Central Alabama residents harmed by negligence can file a medical malpractice claim against the facility. While such a claim may not return you to your former health, it can result in a significant monetary award. The compensation you acquire helps you get treatment for your harm. Financial compensation also ensures you have the funds to overcome any physical or psychological challenges caused by your negligent injury.

What Do You Have To Prove In A Hospital Malpractice Suit?

Instead of proving that an individual physician caused your harm, you will need to show that the hospital was responsible. Other elements associated with medical malpractice claims against hospitals include:

  • Showing you would not have suffered an injury without negligence on the part of the hospital.
  • Showing the facility owed you a duty of care and yet failed in that duty.

Attorney guidance is usually vital in a successful medical malpractice claim. If you or a loved one has suffered because of hospital negligence, consider taking your story to a legal advocate for a thorough assessment.