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Motorcycle Safety In Alabama – Best Helmets To Use And Safety Gear

Motorcycle Safety In Alabama – Best Helmets To Use And Safety Gear

The state of Alabama provides motorcycle riders with a number of different scenic routes with which to enjoy a day on the road. From state designated trails that mix culture, history and stops with a view to everyday back roads that keep riders wanting more, the possibilities are endless.

Riding a motorcycle is not just another way to get from place to place but an adventure that puts riders inches above the asphalt. It provides a way to get in touch with nature without being confined inside a vehicle. These simple thrills make motorcycle riding an enjoyable mode of transportation but this also means it is much more dangerous than driving a car.

It is important for motorcycle riders to ride safely and dress appropriately in order to avoid injuries or fatalities when involved in a motorcycle accident in Birmingham.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “motorcyclist deaths occurred 27 more times than fatalities in other vehicles, based on 2014 fatal crash data.” With so much less between a rider and the road, it is easy to see why a motorcycle accident can be so much more fatal than a car accident.

In order to remain as safe as possible it is essential that motorcycle riders where a DOT approved helmet. In the state of Alabama it is required that all motorcycle riders where a helmet.

A helmet meeting the DOT standard will have a thick polystyrene-foam lining and sturdy chinstraps. Helmets vary from just covering the top of the head (half helmet), to covering the top and back of the head (open face helmet), which can also be equipped with a face shield for wind, insects, rain, etc. to a full face helmet that covers the whole head from the top of the neck and up. Full face helmets can also be modular, which means the chin bar of the helmet can can flip up, offering riders some air during a stop or the opportunity to chat with fellow riders.

Full face helmets and modular ones are safer than the half helmet or open face helmet as they offer protection for the whole head. That being said, the full face helmet is even safer than the modular helmet because the modular helmet is no longer one solid structure, making it the weaker of the two.

While protecting your head is one of the most important parts of being safe while riding a motorcycle, a rider should also protect the rest of his or her body. Material like denim and leather are tough and can help avoid road rash should an accident occur. Gloves should be worn to protect your hands and also improve grip. Boots or shoes that are high enough to cover your ankles are also important.

Taking it one step further, motorcycle riders should wear brightly colored clothing with reflective material to be more visible to others on the road.

It is essential for all motorcycle riders to dress appropriately to remain safe while on the road. Should an accident occur, wearing a helmet and protective gear cab help lessen the extent of injuries sustained.

Unfortunately, accidents still happen. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident it is important to contact a personal injury attorneyContact the attorneys of Salter Ferguson LLC to begin discussing your case today.

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