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Phones Are Not The Only Thing That Distracts Drivers

Phones Are Not The Only Thing That Distracts Drivers

If a driver crashes into you because they somehow did not see you, you might want to start by checking if they were using their phone.

Driver phone use is so widespread that it often plays a role in crashes. Yet what if it turns out they were telling the truth when they said their phone was off? What else could have distracted them from the road ahead?

Drivers Were Distracted Long Before Cell Phones Existed

There are so many things that compete for drivers’ attention that you could argue it is unfair the attention cellphones get. Here are some of them:

Things Inside The Vehicle

If a driver is checking their sat-nav, reading a guidebook, applying lipstick or eating a burger, it limits their ability to drive safely.

Things Outside The Vehicle

The world outside the car window is full of things to look at, from beautiful landscapes to discount store billboards.

Passengers In The Vehicle

Some people love to talk, making it hard for a driver to stay focused. Small children are especially skilled in doing whatever it takes to get their parent’s attention.

People Outside The Vehicle

Have you noticed how some drivers get swivel neck syndrome when people wear less clothing in summer? Any guy or gal gawping at a pedestrian is not focusing on the road.

Drivers can also get distracted by those in other vehicles, especially if one feels the other cut them up or offended them somehow.

If a driver should have seen you but did not, consider legal help to discover why and hold them responsible for your injuries.