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Slips And Falls On Leaves Or Ice – Can You Sue The Establishment?

Slips And Falls On Leaves Or Ice – Can You Sue The Establishment?

With fall in full swing and the winter months settling in, leaves are falling and snow is on its way. It is nice to see the leaves changing color before they fall and a fresh blanket of snow always adds extra beauty to any property.

What can sometimes be overlooked though, are the hazards that come with leaves and the dropping temperatures. When leaves get wet they become a slipping hazard. When it snows, the chance of ice forming on sidewalks, walkways, driveways and roads increases, creating another dangerous slipping hazard.

When it comes to the change in seasons and the hazards that come with it, it is important to be aware of who is responsible should a slip and fall incident occur.

Home and commercial property owners, as well as public places, all have a responsibility to upkeep a safe environment and neglecting to take care of a known dangerous condition can leave the fault in the hands of the property owners.

Still, it is difficult to figure out who, if anyone, is liable for your injuries. Negligence is usually the leading factor when it comes to leaves or ice. If you slipped and fell on wet leaves or ice outside of an establishment, did the property owner take the necessary steps to keep the surface safe?

If the answer is “no” and negligence is shown on the part of the property owner, you have the foundation of a solid case for your slip and fall injury. The other portion of the claim falls on your own contribution to the incident. Were you not paying attention or texting while walking, allowing yourself to not be aware of the hazard?

Under Alabama law, your fault in the incident will factor into where the responsibility falls and it becomes a matter of contributory negligence. It is important to know your own contribution to the slip and fall accident but it can be hard to prove and is often confusing to navigate.

Therefore, if you were injured in a slip and fall accident and are not sure of your legal avenues, you should contact the law offices of Salter Ferguson, LLC. They have the resources and experience to help you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation today.

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