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Steps To Take After A Motorcycle Accident

Steps To Take After A Motorcycle Accident

The good news for motorcyclists in Alabama is a downward trend in the number of accidents involving motorcycles. The bad news is that motorcyclists are still much more likely than car drivers to lose their life or suffer serious injury as a result of an accident on the road. Individuals who ride motorcycles should make sure they understand what they should do if involved in a motorcycle accident.

Think Safety

Safety should be a priority in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. If possible, the motorcyclist should move the motorcycle out of the roadway. The motorcyclist should exit the road without the cycle if he or she is unable to move the bike.

The next order of business is a quick self-inventory. If no injuries of concern exist, the motorcyclist should then check on the safety of other people involved with the accident. It is important not to move anyone who appears to have received serious injuries due to the accident.

Call For Help

Someone at the scene should call for police and emergency services. Police officers will control and direct the flow of traffic in a way that maintains the safety of both accident victims and the people who share the road with them. An officer will also make a report that includes accounts of the accident from participants and witnesses.

Emergency personnel will deliver the medical attention needed by parties to the accident. It is important to remember that some injuries may not be discernible in the moments immediately following the accident.

Collect Information

Accident victims should remain calm. Maintaining calm during an emergency is not easy to do, but losing self-control in the wake of an accident will only make matters worse. The conversation between the accident participants should be cordial and brief. The parties should exchange names, insurance and full contact information.

An accident while riding a motorcycle can change the life of everyone involved in a matter of seconds. Individuals who suffer injuries that result from a motorcycle accident may have a better chance of securing the compensation needed for their recovery by consulting with a personal injury attorney.