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Teaching Your Kids About School Bus Safety

Teaching Your Kids About School Bus Safety

You place a great deal of trust and faith in the ability of the school bus driver who takes your child to, and from, school every day. In fact, you are placing your child’s life in their hands. The unfortunate reality, however, is that not all school bus drivers are able to handle this immense responsibility. When a school bus driver is negligent while driving, the result can be a bus accident.

The best thing you can do right now to protect your child against serious injury in a school bus accident is to have a talk with them about bus safety. Teaching your kid about school bus safety could be the most important lesson you ever give them.

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Here are some tips that may keep your child safe while riding on the bus:

Seat Belts Save Lives

Whether your kid is riding the school bus or seated in the backseat of a car, they should always wear their seat belt while the vehicle is in motion. Many school buses have safety restraints – and they are present for a reason. Make sure that your kid knows to use their seat belt on the bus.

Don’t Be Too Loud

Children have a tendency to be loud, especially when they are excited about heading to school in the morning or heading home at the end of the school day. School buses filled with a lot of children can be particularly loud. The problem is that the bus driver can potentially be distracted by loud noises or sounds coming from the back of the bus. So let your child know that it is never a good idea to distract the bus driver.

Stay Alert

If your kid is distracted while riding the bus, they may not realize when the bus arrives at their stop. This can lead to panic as the young person attempts to run off the bus too quickly, potentially causing a slip & fall accident.