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The Danger Posed By Slow Drivers

The Danger Posed By Slow Drivers

Serious car crashes can arise either because drivers travel too slow or because others react too impatiently to them. If you were involved in such an accident in Central Alabama, you may be eligible for compensation because this state prohibits drivers from traveling so slowly that they impede traffic flow. The only exceptions are when drivers go slow for safety reasons or in compliance with law.


What To Do With A Slow Driver

Safety experts say that drivers faced with a slow-moving vehicle in the left-hand lane of the freeway should do three things. First, they should wait a minute to see if the slow driver will let them pass. He or she may not do so out of inattention, so drivers should flash the headlights next. Lastly, drivers can honk the horn but not obnoxiously.

Tailgating and angrily passing on the right can lead to an accident. In such cases, the slow driver will not be the only one held at fault.

Four Types Of Slow Drivers

Many slow drivers are distracted, especially by their phones. The National Safety Council says that phone use can reduce activity in the parietal lobe, the part of the brain most engaged in driving, by 37%. Other slow drivers may be tourists unfamiliar with traffic patterns and area speed limits, or they may be newly licensed drivers who travel slowly out of both unfamiliarity and lack of confidence.

Seniors make up the fourth most common group of slow drivers. Worsening vision may prevent them from seeing the posted speed limit, and arthritis stiffens the joints so that it becomes hard to exert so much pressure on the accelerator.

Getting Compensation After An Accident In Alabama

Regardless of what the slow driver was doing, your own actions will be under scrutiny, too, and this may make or break any personal injury case you try to pursue. You may want a lawyer, then, to give your case personal attention. A successful claim might cover all medical expenses past and future, lost wages and any diminished capacity to earn a living.